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Our Treatments & Services

Painless Surgical Extraction

  • Long handle needle used to reduce the pain during a nethesia
  • Expert the clinic to ensure absolute painlessremoval of the teeth.
  • Team ensure proper surgery as well as post surgery healing with recurrent follow ups.

Root canal treatment

  • Clinic is equipped with all the modern equipments for perfect and painless root canal treatments.
  • Both the modalities of single sitting and multiple sitting root canal are available.
  • Modern equipment like digital xray , endomotors,lasers,apex locators,3d obturation units rubber dam ensure success of the root canal.
  • Clinic has experience of more than 7000root canal till date!!.
  • Implant and fixed Dentures

  • Implants are one of teeth clinic is equipped with this speciality too.
  • A team of doctors take care for the placement and functionality of this prosthesis.
  • A long term follow up by the help of appointment system ensure the success of the treatment.
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic turn around.
  • This is one of teh department where the clinic is most proficient,we have done more than 500 rehabilitation till date.
  • We take care of Lips, gums and teeth together to create a beautiful smile together.
  • Clinic is attatch to a prominent skin specialist for the use of botox to provide a desired smile!.
  • Orthodontic smile correction and laser guided gums and contouring and depigmentation as well as prosthetic correction all done under one roof.
  • Orthodontics and clear aligners.

    • We have inhouse orthodontics in our clinic , which will ensure you any time treatment.
    • We provide all the modes of orthodontics treatments like metal brackets , ceramics brackets ,self ligating brackets for those who cant give regular visit ,invisaligns for our special patients,child removable and myofunctionla appleances,and lingual braces

    Laser Treatments

    • Clinic is equipped with laser to ensure you painless and blood less treatment
    • Laser help our patients to get a fear as well as pain free surgery.

    Aceramic and Guaranted crowns.

    • We mostly deal with alceramic crown and we have all variety of alceramic crown , ranging from 1year to 15 year.
    • Clinic is associated with all the big labs of the country,as well as ranchi.
    • We can provide the alceramic guarantee crown even in 1 day!.